Sanitizing The Insanity – Episode #11 – 5/23/22 – On The Road

Finally meeting face to face, Joe and Ivan head up the east coast to meet up with another fellow content creator and friend, James Cordiner, the host of ‘A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Truth’ podcast. The 3 sit down for a roundtable discussion on participating in the Great Work and the challenges that come with it, the control system and its operation, objective morality, Natural Law, true responsibility, anarchism, order followers, current events and more…

Occult Knowledge, Shadow Work & Natural Law – Special Guest Mark Passio

Topics Discussed;
The ‘One Great Work Network’ of content creators, Beginning the great work, The dark occult preist class that runs the world, The knowledge of the occult, How people have been dissuaded through mind control and religion to not look into occult teachings, Doing the shadow work upon the self, Developing true self love and care, Understanding true objective morality, Moral relativism and atheism in the “freedom community”, The existence of inherent rights in nature, The observable science of Natural Law, How we collectively create our reality through the gift of free will in conjunction with the behavioral Laws of consequence

‘Shattering The Illusion’ Conference

Join us Saturday, September 24th 2022 for a one day online conference featuring some of the world’s most brilliant speakers, on topics such as Natural Law, TRUE anarchy, consciousness, mind control and the occult. This event has been organized by me and James Cordiner from and is 100% free. Check out for more information and any updates.

Interview on ‘A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Truth’ Podcast

How free can you be if you are abusing drugs or alcohol? How conscious can you be? Is the harm that you are causing yourself causing harm to others? I am joined for the first time ever by Johnathan Wright from the ‘Nothing New Under the Sun’ podcast and a returning champion Joe Murray from the ‘Freedom for All’ podcast to really start to dive deep into this topic. Other topics included in this discussion: Firearms and self-defense, karma, reincarnation, dietary restrictions under natural law and objective morality.

Sanitizing The Insanity – Episode #10 – 4/1/22

From Covaids to WW3, the insanity continues… Joe and Ivan give their take on the current shit storm of events while getting at the state of consciousness of the general population, which acts as the driving force perpetuating and worsening humanity’s condition of slavery, while also offering empowering solutions.

Sanitizing The Insanity – Episode #9 – Special Guest ‘Mark Passio’

On episode 9 Joe and Ivan welcome guest Mark Passio to the show. Topics covered include the current state of people in the truth and freedom movements, how much do they actually comprehend the causal factors of humanities current condition of slavery, the reality of content creation, how ego fits into the global condition, and more…