I’ve been suffering from multiple herniated discs in my cervical spine as well as my thoracic which has been causing an array of neurological symptoms and pains that has had me debilitated that past couple of months. It’s been one thing after another in my life the past couple of years. The universe has definitely been testing me… So suffice to say, I have not been and will not be able to put out any music or content until I’m back on my feet feeling strong again. Thank you guys for your support and for appreciating my work. Much love to you all and I will keep you posted.
– Joe

The Foundation Of Freedom – Joe Murray – Shattering The Illusion Conference

This was my talk at the ‘Shattering The Illusion’ conference on 9/24/22, organized by myself and James Cordiner. In this talk, I get into the core fundamental principles that act as the cement that the foundation of freedom stands upon, and how these objective truths MUST be understood first and foremost, to be the premise on which we are united in this battle for our freedom.

3 Weeks Until The ‘Shattering The Illusion’ Conference!

Only 3 weeks left to the Shattering The Illusion conference! Vinny Eastwood has been recently added to the roster! Don’t forget, there will be a live roundtable/Q&A halfway through the day and also at the end of the night where you will be able to interact with the speakers. For more information go to ShatteringTheIllusion.info Hope to see you all there!

A Special Peak Into The ‘Shattering The Illusion’ Conference

Welcome back! This time around I am joined by none other than Joe Murray from Freedom for All. Joe is the co-organizer of the Shattering the Illusion conference coming up this fall, September 24th, 2022. We decided to take the opportunity to give a walk-through of the website for the conference. Shattering the Illusion will be a one-day online event about Natural Law, True Anarchy, Consciousness, Mind Control and the Occult. Please enjoy this informative episode to get you wonderful people ready for the big day coming up. Visit https://www.shatteringtheillusion.info/ to see for yourself.

‘Shattering The Illusion’ Conference

Join us Saturday, September 24th 2022 for a one day online conference featuring some of the world’s most brilliant speakers, on topics such as Natural Law, TRUE anarchy, consciousness, mind control and the occult. This event has been organized by me and James Cordiner from FreeYourMindNE.com and is 100% free. Check out ShatteringtheIllusion.info for more information and any updates.