Interview On The “Wake The Dead” Podcast with Sean McCann

Joe Murray joins us on Wake the Dead to discuss his music and inspirations. Joe is an anarchist hip-hop artist who shares the truth in his music. Born in a long line of musicians Joe has taken his talents and applied them to the Great Work. With one of his 3 minute songs you can share huge chunks of knowledge with the world. His lyrics focus on the principles of sovereignty and self ownership, with a healthy dose of ‘wake the fuck up’. Included with the interview are many original songs by Joe Murray. Please Enjoy…

Sean McCann

Can You Handle The Truth… In Music? (vol. 2)

Francesco Sani, Ivan Oyola Jr, Nathan Riddett & I kick back and play some powerful, conscious music and discuss the tracks. I also drop an unreleased track from me and DISL Automatic. Check it out and show my brother Francesco Sani some love by following him on Odysee and keeping up with his work at and

Interview On The ‘Hitchhikers Guide To Truth’ Podcast With James Cordiner

I was interviewed by James Cordiner on the ‘Hitchhikers Guide To Truth’ podcast. We got into current events, the importance of understanding Natural Law, battling addictions, my new album, the power of truth through art and music and people getting involved in doing the great work. Be sure to check out the rest of my boy James’ podcasts on Spotify or follow him on