A Special Peak Into The ‘Shattering The Illusion’ Conference

Welcome back! This time around I am joined by none other than Joe Murray from Freedom for All. Joe is the co-organizer of the Shattering the Illusion conference coming up this fall, September 24th, 2022. We decided to take the opportunity to give a walk-through of the website for the conference. Shattering the Illusion will be a one-day online event about Natural Law, True Anarchy, Consciousness, Mind Control and the Occult. Please enjoy this informative episode to get you wonderful people ready for the big day coming up. Visit https://www.shatteringtheillusion.info/ to see for yourself.

Published by

Joe Murray

My name is Joe Murray and I am an anarchist Hiphop artist and independent researcher, attempting to awaken others to the true nature of our reality in order for them to break the chains which hold them in servitude and begin to establish true freedom.

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