‘Shattering The Illusion’ Conference

Join us Saturday, September 24th 2022 for a one day online conference featuring some of the world’s most brilliant speakers, on topics such as Natural Law, TRUE anarchy, consciousness, mind control and the occult. This event has been organized by me and James Cordiner from FreeYourMindNE.com and is 100% free. Check out ShatteringtheIllusion.info for more information and any updates.

Published by

Joe Murray

My name is Joe Murray and I am an anarchist Hiphop artist and independent researcher, attempting to awaken others to the true nature of our reality in order for them to break the chains which hold them in servitude and begin to establish true freedom.

One thought on “‘Shattering The Illusion’ Conference”

  1. Super exciting and what a line-up! Congratulations and well done for making this happen Joe and James 😎😎


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